Finally my eldest daughter turned 20.


I'm Hanako, a KILLYEDNA designer.

The other day, my eldest daughter finally turned 20 years old.
Yes, I have been a mother for 20 years.

On my birthday, I remembered the day I gave birth to my eldest daughter and spent it immersed in sentimentality.

Around 9:00 I had labor pains and when I called the hospital, they told me to eat because it was going to be a long day.
Even when I was morninging at Jonathan, I had contractions and stopped.
When I went to the hospital at 10:00, the pain was so strong that I threw up everything I ate.
I shook my head sideways due to the pain of contractions and went into a trance, and the nurse pulled me out.
When I finally got on the delivery table, it was too big to come out, and the end was like the end of a toothpaste tube.
I was finally born with towels on both sides.
I was in the birth canal for a little while, so my head was sharp and it looked like Coneheads, and my husband and I were in a hurry.

(Thankfully, I was back the next day.)
Has it been 20 years since that day?

Then the next day, I looked at the calendar. . .
I missed my birthday by one day! I misunderstood.

I almost lost my jaw, but I couldn't feel that sentiment anymore, and I spent my time normally.

I can't give much advice to everyone who is raising children, but I am raising two daughters.
Please rest assured that everything will be fine.

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