Asagiri JAM has burned out~!


10 days early from the fun Asagiri JAM,
I couldn't get rid of the magic, and last week I was completely "burned out". . .

Everyone who stopped by the KILLYEDNA booth, and everyone who made a purchase,
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
The following week, the customers who purchased the products at Asagiri came to the store to shop, which made me even more excited! !

In Asagiri, when I wash my face and wash off my lotion while walking, when I move from Moonshine to Rainbow,
When you've come a long way and there are a lot of friends in front of you, etc.
I screamed “I want to dream~!” many times in various situations.

The location was the best location right in front of the Monnshine stage.

First time exhibiting at an outdoor festival! Na KILLYEDNA booth looks like this ↓

The seniors around me are amazing! I want to improve the setup next time~

My friend who doesn't have a sense of unity at all when I look closely. Someone looking at the stage through a telescope (I brought three!)
The guy on the left was a Warashibe Choja for two days, so some of you may remember him.

In fact, I never went camping as an adult, but my friend who accompanied me liked camping,
This exhibition was realized because I love festivals.
A friend is a must have! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

It was my first time exhibiting, so I asked a lot of questions to the secretariat and they responded politely.
I'm really happy that I got along well with the neighboring booth and other exhibitors (there was a friend of a friend!).

I feel like I've opened a door to a world I never knew existed.
It was a truly dream-like "Hello, new world!!" three days.

I would like to exhibit next year
Please let me know what you recommend =

A list of hair turbans is this↓

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