Overseas drama "EYEWITNESS"


I'm Hanako, a KILLYEDNA designer.
I inherited it from my mother and my body is strong! I'm proud of it, but I've been sick for the first time in a few years,
I spent a considerable amount of time watching CS overseas dramas (a system that allows you to watch two weeks' worth of content at any time) and "Dr.

I have to bend forward a lot, so it hurts my shoulders and back. I think I'll go to the nearby ASICS CONNECTION TOKYO.

Everyone is also December, so please take care of your health care.

It's been a long time since I started watching foreign dramas on CS for studying English, but my favorite field is suspense!
I'm not good at splatter games like "The Walking Dead" and "Criminal Minds", but I like the psychological suspense series "Law & Order" and "Closer".

The most addicted to this season is " EYEWITNESS "

The image is greenish and dry, like watching a movie. . .

A story about two high school students involved in a murder in a small town in New York State.
Both of them are beautiful boys and remind me of the British movie " Maurice ", so it might be recommended for BL lovers.

For overseas dramas, Season 1 is greetings, and from Season 2, I feel that the story and cast will increase in depth.
Japanese dramas would be even more interesting if that happened, but it's such a shame that it ends in 3 months!
It's interesting because NHK's morning drama has been running for half a year.

What are your favorite foreign dramas?

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