Make everyone beautiful ♪ Autumn [Beauty Mask] starts with a lace mask!


This is Hanako from KILLYEDNA.

The weather has finally cooled down and autumn has begun.
The GO TO campaign will start in Tokyo, and I want to go a little farther while being careful of the coronavirus.

Thanks to everyone washing their hands and gargling, it seems that there are still 3 people with the flu this year
It seems that the mask life is still going to continue, but if it's like this, there's no choice but to enjoy it!
In order to enjoy the mask that has become a fashion item with everyone, we named it [Beauty Mask], and we will continue to send out items that can make you a beautiful woman.

Autumn's [Beauty Mask] starts with a lace mask.
The charm of lace is that the atmosphere changes completely depending on the color that matches the bottom.
If you don't have time to match colors, the time will pass quickly. . . (crying)

The first one is lace with a three-dimensional effect, and the color is pink and off-white, which are gentle nuances.
I recommend it because it looks very good on the complexion.

Comes with a gift package so that you can use it as a gift.
We hope that the lace mask will be fun to give and happy to receive.

The inner fabric continues to use Coolmax .
When it's hot, it absorbs sweat from the body and evaporates quickly, providing cool and dry comfort.In cold weather, the fiber structure keeps you warm, and it is a "special material" that is comfortable to wear all year round, with excellent breathability and heat retention.

Sales start at [Seibu Ikebukuro Main Building 2F in front of the escalator]
Preparing for sale at KILLYEDNA Onlinestore

1-16-5-2F Azumabashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo (5-minute walk from Asakusa Station on the Ginza Line)
Webstore is up and running. The atelier shop (real store) will be closed for a while due to renovation.

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