Paper Expo! barely made it


We are in the midst of preparations for loading [Yokohama Sogo / Transmarket on the first basement floor] starting from 4/18.
When I glanced at Facebook, I heard that "Kamihaku" was being held in Asakusa.

The venue is about 10 minutes from Killy Edna!
I managed to make it in time for the pickup at 15:00 (Sunday is early), so I went on a dash.
In the hands of the women who passed each other, there were paper bags of loot. . .
When I entered the venue while suppressing the rising expectations, it was amazingly hot! !
"It will be over in 20 minutes~", so I hurriedly looked at the venue while asking the staff to tell me about the popular booths.

my favorite is here
It's printed on thin paper and looks so sophisticated! was
It is a pity that most of the products cannot be purchased at SOLDOUT. . .
After talking a little bit about the shop, it seems that both days were sold out in no time.
They usually sell mainly online, so check it out!

In the elevator on the way home, there was a girl who said with frustration, "I should have done more research before coming here."

I'm looking forward to finally bringing it to [Yokohama Sogo] tonight!

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