Mask case [2 types of velor] Black / Cream

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A mask that is convenient for storage when removing the mask while on the go, and as a spare mask holder. It is a case. The ribbon part can be attached to a removable snap button or bag.

The outer cloth can be enjoyed as a fashion item such as velor fabric and velvet ribbon, which are perfect for autumn and winter.
Cotton is used for the inner cloth that stores the mask.

We will deliver it in a bag made of organdy material (please leave the color of the bag to us).
The [gift set] with your favorite lace mask is also popular.

When washing at home We recommend hand washing. Please use a neutral detergent that does not contain bleach.

[Size] Body part H15cm W15cm (flat measurement) / Ribbon part about 23cm < br>
[Material] Velor Outer Cloth: 100% Polyester / Inner Cloth: Cotton
Velvet Ribbon : 75% velvet, 25% nylon / snap button

[Country of origin] Japan

color: black