Exhibited at Oedo Antique Market Part 2


I'm Hanako, a KILLYEDNA designer.

By the way, the antique market starts at 9:00 with no bra! (Last time here )
Customers who are looking for bargains are quite popular even at 9:00.
The morning at the antique market is really early!

The kimonos, glassware, and pottery prepared by a friend who works in secondhand goods are popular, and she continues to travel.
Antiques were also popular.

I also lined up KILLYEDNA's kimono clutch bag.

I heard that there were many foreign customers this time, so I wanted to know what kind of patterns they were interested in.
It didn't go on sale, but there were many Japanese people who were interested in it, so it was fruitful.
I wonder if it is unique to this antique market that there are many women in kimonos.

All of them were lovely and a feast for the eyes.

It was fun to exchange information with the exhibitor next door on the product that remade the obi.
It seems that he used to work near the KILLYEDNA atelier!

Everyone seems to be having a lot of fun as they are slowly choosing their products.
There are many stores, and each store has a lot to offer, so I got the impression that many people take their time and look around.
It is understandable that it is a popular antique market that is full of customers until 16:00 when it ends.

This time, the sales of products that are different from usual, and the customer base was completely different and fresh.
Mr. Uradana, who opened his first outdoor store, also said, but it seems to be addictive!
Next time I will be exhibiting in autumn, so I would like to help again.

Oh yeah, my husband, who happened to be on the late shift, delivered the brassiere to the venue.
Everyone, please be careful not to gather early.

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