Participated in Tokyo Gift Show Manicore Booth [East 2-MC34]. 1/31~2/3


I'm Hanako, a KILLYEDNA designer.
It's been cold since the end of the year, but are you all feeling well?
I am proud of my health, but I caught a cold for the first time in several years and was down.
After the winter vacation, my second daughter got the flu, and I went to the hospital thinking that I might be sick, but it was just a cold.
It's been a long time since I've felt like the cymbals are ringing in my nose all the time!

I'm finally back in shape, and I'm going to work on the exhibition.
This is the first time in two years that we will be exhibiting at the [Tokyo Gift Show Manikore Booth ].
This time, not only a photographer, but also a graphic designer and a kimono stylist will join us.
I plan to show you a much more sophisticated KILLYEDNA.
I wonder if this will convey the goodness of the product, will it attract attention, will it surprise me? I 'm so excited, and I'm working hard to prepare for everyone's reaction.

Tokyo Gift Show Manicore Booth [East 2-MC34]
From January 31st to February 2nd, only buyers and related parties can visit, and February 3rd is open to the general public (no children under 12 years old).
A #invitation is available at the KILLYEDNA atelier shop, so please bring it with you.

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