Hanako-like, looking back on 2020 (first half)


This is Hanako from KILLYEDNA.

KILLYEDNA Onlinestore will be closed for winter from 12/29 to 1/5.
Orders received during this period will be shipped sequentially after 1/6. note that.

Thank you to everyone who watched yesterday's Instagram live.
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KILLYEDNA also entered during the winter break, so it's rare to look back on the year.
With the spread of the new coronavirus (this word has become sensitive), everyone around the world has been experiencing new things for the first time, and I feel like it's been a year since I didn't know what the right answer was.

my year
・I went to Korea for work in February.
At shops in Seoul, I saw signs on the doors saying, "People without masks are prohibited from entering the store." Did you feel that there were fewer foreigners than usual?

・Events scheduled for March have been postponed.
The new corona has started to spread in Japan, and the planned event has been postponed to April. Around this time, he started making gauze masks after hearing that it was difficult to obtain masks. In particular, department store sellers were in trouble if they couldn't get a "white mask" even though it was a regulation. So I'm going to start a plain cloth mask, not just a gauze mask.

・Tokyo declared a state of emergency in April. Therefore, the event ends in a few days
One of the exhibitors also said, "This is my first experience." Take the subway with almost no people and go to the evacuation work. I don't think I'll ever see Shinjuku/Shibuya/Ikebukuro so empty.

・In May, after the state of emergency was declared, business partners resumed operations. Mask orders start to rise
The days of mask production continue from here until about August. I would like to share this story with you at a later date.

・June and July Mask production continues. Make your hair pink.
Will this ever end? It was a day to go back and forth between home and atelier while thinking.
For the time being, I decided that I would not appear on the sales floor at the event, so I made my hair pink. What I wanted to do after becoming a grandmother came true at the end of my 40s. This is quite a change. For the first week, I was surprised to see myself in the mirror every morning.
Immediately after this, I fell on my bicycle and woke up in severe pain the next morning. I hurt my knee and went to the hospital for a month (not lucky...)

Pink color after bleaching twice. My hair is quite damaged, but I am very satisfied ♪

・In August, the atelier shop was renovated while making masks.
Based on the fact that non-face-to-face sales will continue in the future, we decided to renovate the atelier shop.
Expecting that the number of exhibitions at special events will decrease in the future, we decided to create a studio space so that we can communicate with everyone online. This was quite difficult. . . (crying)

Continuing in the second half as it is long. . .

Insta live will start The Instagram live of Miyuki Shoji (mother of 4 children) and Hanako Takahashi (mother of 2 children), the owners of [ Dining Cafe Delicafé on the second floor ], which has moved to Hikifune, Sumida Ward.
I hope that we, who are of a similar generation, can deliver "hints for a comfortable life" through food and fashion.

◆[KILLYEDNA atelier shop business days in January] OPEN 13:00-19:00
1/8 (Fri) 9 (Sat)
1/15 (Fri) 16 (Sat)
1/29 (Fri) 30 (Sat)
We will resume business in a new form from December, and open on Fridays and Saturdays (13:00-19:00) from January.
If you would like to visit us on a day other than this, please contact us by email .

The KILLYEDNA online store is in operation, and will be shipped after the winter holidays on January 6th.

◆Race masks are on sale at the Seibu Ikebukuro main building 2F center next to the cash register.

1-16-5-2F Azumabashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
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