Hanako's look back on 2020 (second half)


This is Hanako from KILLYEDNA. Here is the first half of the review

KILLYEDNA Onlinestore will be closed for winter from 12/29 to 1/5.
Orders received during this period will be shipped sequentially after 1/6. note that.

・In September, the eldest daughter (22 years old) suddenly declared and carried out living alone.
Janiota's eldest daughter has stopped spending money due to the cancellation of all live performances this year, so she declares that she will live alone. While looking for various things, the real estate agent said, "It's difficult because there aren't many people moving around this time of year."
I realize that it's each at the timing of people's independence. Good luck, eldest daughter!

Around this time, I began to think, “I wish I could enjoy masks as fashion items more” in this situation that is still going on. So I started making lace masks.
And during the renovation work, I cut the instep with a cutter and sewed 10 stitches (part 2 not attached)

・In November, renovation of the atelier shop was completed. Video production of lace mask.
I decided to make a video because I wanted to tell people that the lace mask has become popular, and that it makes me feel better when I use it in this kind of situation. I aimed for content that makes everyone feel a little better.

A race mask in a plastic-free package.

・In December, the atelier shop reopened, SNS delivery of lace mask videos, and Instagram live started.
The construction is over, and the atelier shop will reopen from 12/18. Tidying up continues without seeking perfection.
Since I bought the iphone11 pro for video distribution in March, I have purchased various equipment. Even I was surprised to buy so much equipment! And the last work at the end of the year was Instagram live.

At the cafeteria deli cafe on the second floor. On the left is Miyuki Shoji, the owner.

And it's like this. I thought it would be simpler, but there are many.
After experiencing this year, there has never been a year in which everything so far has been turned upside down. I felt from the bottom of my heart, "No one knows what's ahead." I want to talk to my friends in a few years.
I'm really glad that I went to various places in Japan and overseas last year without thinking, "Let's do it again next time."
I hope I can enjoy myself in 2021. And I hope you can "help to raise your feelings".

Thank you for your continued support in 2021.

KILLYEDNA Hanako Takahashi

Insta live will start The Instagram live of Miyuki Shoji (mother of 4 children) and Hanako Takahashi (mother of 2 children), the owners of [ Dining Cafe Delicafé on the second floor ], which has moved to Hikifune, Sumida Ward.
I hope that we, who are of a similar generation, can deliver "hints for a comfortable life" through food and fashion.

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1/8 (Fri) 9 (Sat)
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1/29 (Fri) 30 (Sat)
We will resume business in a new form from December, and open on Fridays and Saturdays (13:00-19:00) from January.
If you would like to visit us on a day other than this, please contact us by email .

The KILLYEDNA online store is in operation, and will be shipped after the winter holidays on January 6th.

◆Race masks are on sale at the Seibu Ikebukuro main building 2F center next to the cash register.

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