The exhibition "Come see me at HANA TOKYO! @ Kiyosumi Shirakawa" has ended successfully.

「 HANA TOKYO に会いに来て!@清澄白河」展、無事終了いたしました。

[KILLYEDNA] This is Hanako from [HANA TOKYO].

The exhibition "Come see me at HANA TOKYO! @ Kiyosumi Shirakawa" held from November 17th to 21st has ended successfully.
Thank you very much to all of you who have been able to take care of yourself, and to all of you who have made a purchase and reservation.

[HANA TOKYO] , which was launched in August, was originally scheduled to hold an unveiling party, but due to the midst of the declaration of a state of emergency, it only debuted in Ecute Tokyo.

The coronavirus has finally calmed down , and it was decided to hold the event a month in advance, saying, "I want to interact with everyone before it's too late!" rice field.

After that, we had a lot of people cooperate and shoot a video.
On the first day at Kiyosumi Shirakawa Cafe Hatameki , I was able to meet many people I haven't seen in a long time, and I almost cried. However, many people were so absorbed in the conversation that they forgot to take pictures with them. Shock...😱

At the Kiyosumi Garden product exhibition on 11.21, Mr. Masugi's portrait was shot, and Seigenchasou brewed Chinese tea in the venue. It was the first challenge for me, and my brain got excited for the first time in a long time⚡️

At both venues, we will continue to upload photos and videos posted on Instagram by visitors to the story.
If you couldn't come, please look forward to it🌈
I want to hold it when it gets warm again ~ 😊

Thank you so much for all your help this time. It would not have been possible without the cooperation of those around me.
I hope I can help someone too.
I want to take this opportunity to get along with the people of Kiyosumi Shirakawa!

Kiyosumi Shirakawa Cafe Hatameki
model Mizuki Ema
Chinese tea cafe Seigenchaso 
photographer Mariko Masugi
Gallery Rakuan
PR: Atsuko Matsuda
SNS Shoryu Tabata

HANA TOKYO Hanako Takahashi


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