Comfortable to wear all season [Beauty mask] 3 kinds of floral patterns [Spring / Green Garden / Dahlia]

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Flower prints have been added to the [Beauty Mask] that makes you look beautiful.

A flower print with a color that brightens your face.

We will deliver it in a plastic-free package.

[Smoky Pink] joins [Light Blue / Light Gray] that suits any style. We have prepared three types of refreshing solid colors.

A three-dimensional mask that does not hurt the nose and mouth, wraps from the nose to the chin.

No elastic cord is tied so that anyone can use it.

Please decide the length of the elastic cord according to your face. Once the length is decided, tie the rubber and shift the knot inward before use.

[About the inner cloth of the mask]

Touch the skin Special material "Coolmax" is used for the inner cloth. It is an "all-season comfortable" material that absorbs sweat from the body when it is hot and evaporates quickly to provide a cool and dry feeling, and when it is cold, it keeps warmth due to its fiber structure and has excellent breathability and heat retention.

[Characteristics of Coolmax®]

・ Maintains high functionality

・ Easy to clean

・ Capillary action absorbs and evaporates water

・ Breathability

・Meets the minimum standards for heat retention (CLO value) and the range of heat retention

・ Fabric stability

・ Excellent water absorption and quick drying due to the fiber structure

・ Difficult to discolor even after washing


Hand wash or put in the net when using the washing machine please.

We recommend a neutral detergent that does not contain bleach.

[Size] H13cm W20.5cm (Flat measurement)

[Material] Outer material Cotton / Lining: Polyester, Woolly rubber

[Country of origin] Japan

Material stability Supply is becoming difficult.

Please note that the "rubber color / thickness" may differ from the image.