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With the birth of his daughter, he started making baby items (tote bags and baby bibs), and in 2008 established the bag brand [KILLYEDNA].
In recent years, he has also focused on selecting items overseas, aiming to help women "enjoy themselves".
In addition, he launched a new brand [HANA TOKYO] with the theme of a higher-grade woman, and proposes the wonders of upcycling and eco-friendly products that he has gained through his experience.
Together with skilled craftsmen, we will disseminate the high level of [Made in Japan] techniques to the world.


A sustainable and high-quality product that is one rank higher in the world, combining the wonderful traditional crafts of Japan, kimono and obi, domestic and foreign silk fabrics, and original fabrics.

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Until we can upcycle

[HANA TOKYO] upcycled products take about 3 months from kimono to product.

We will introduce many processes that are reborn into high-quality products.

1.Kimono purchase, dismantling and maintenance

Our first mission is to find materials that excite everyone.

We procure kimonos and obis from reliable wholesalers.

2. Design matching

While imagining the product, we think of combinations that maximize the beauty of the materials.

I decide which kimono and obi to combine by trying the image in my head over and over again.

3. Ironing and sewing

After preparing the materials, the work is divided into those that are sent to the craftsmen and those that are sewn in the atelier.

Rough cutting, press interlining, final cutting, ironing, round corner die-cutting, brand tag creation Sewing, ironing, tagging

4. Finishing and inspection

After inspecting the details such as frayed threads, the overall product is arranged and a tag is attached to complete the product.

The final inspection is to check if there are skipped stitches on the perforations and if the threads are properly trimmed.

5. Shooting, to the customer

We will take photos and videos so that customers who are far away can also communicate.

I shoot so that the nuances can be conveyed as much as possible.

After a long journey from the past, we will set off for you.





We have cloth miscellaneous goods created by Hanako Takahashi and accessories and clothes selected by designers from overseas.

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EVENT6/17-30 グランスタ東京POPUP 

6/17-30 グランスタ東京POPUP 

6/17-30【グランスタ東京/丸の内坂エリア 24】に出展いたします。 【HANA TOKYO / キリィエドナグランスタ東京 POPUP】会期:2024年6月17日(月)〜30日(日)営業時間:10:00~21:00場所:グランスタ東京 丸の内坂エリア24



5/2-26の歌舞伎座POPUP、無事終了いたしました。HANA TOKYOのブースにお立寄りいただいた皆さま、ご購入したいただいた皆さまに心より感謝申し上げます。

EVENT3/29-30 東京キモノショー綿商会館4F[ブースno.40]

3/29-30 東京キモノショー綿商会館4F[ブースno.40]

昨年に続き、今年も【東京キモノショー 2024】和マルシェ@tokyokimonoshowに出展いたします。 【東京キモノショー 2024】会期:2024年3月29日(金)〜31日(日)和マルシェ会場:綿商会館4F [ブースno.40]


1-16-5-2F Azumabashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

Business days: Friday and Saturday 13:00-19:00
(Closed for special events, etc.)