Legal notice

Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law span> h2>
Distributor dt>
Killy Edna dd>
Operation Name of general manager dt>
Hanako Takahashi dd>
Postal code dt>
1300001 dd>
Address dt>
1-Azumabashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 16-5-2F dd>
Explanation of charges other than the product price dt>
With the selling price (tax included) There may be a separate shipping fee.
Please bear the transfer fee. dd>
Application expiration date dt>
Within 7 days after ordering. If you do not make a payment for 7 days after placing an order, we will assume that you have no intention of purchasing and will automatically cancel your order. dd>
defective product dt>
Please contact us immediately after the item arrives. Please note that we cannot accept returns unless the item is defective. dd>
Sales quantity dt>
Please check each product page. dd>
Delivery time dt>
In the case of bank transfer, we will ship within 7 days after payment is confirmed.
In the case of credit card payment, we will ship within 7 days after confirming the order.
In the case of tote bags and clutch bags, it may take two weeks to produce and ship out-of-stock items. In that case, we will contact you by order confirmation email. dd>
Payment deadline dt>
It will be within 7 days after sending the confirmation email from us. dd>
Return deadline dt>
Within 7 days after the item arrives. dd>
Return shipping fee dt>
Customers are responsible for any returns due to customer convenience. If it is a defective product, we will bear it. dd>
Service name dt>
Phone number dt>
03-6240-4171 dd>
Public email address dt> dd>
Homepage address dt> dd> dl> div>