nice to meet you! It's Kirie Edna


nice to meet you!
This is Hanako from [KILLYEDNA].
We set up a shop and studio between downtown Tokyo, Asakusa, and Sky Tree, and send out products.

I have two teenage daughters.
When they were still babies, there weren't many cute products like now,
"I want a bib that's thinner and doesn't soak through."
While holding them with one hand, I said, "I want a tote bag with a firmness so that I can put things in and take them out with the other hand."
That was the beginning of [KILLYEDNA].

Since the brand started in 2008, we are still making each item carefully.
While incorporating your own childcare and work experience, as well as requests from customers,
"Working women and mothers who work hard to raise children will be pleased."
I try to make functional and cute items like this.

What we want to deliver to everyone is not just the product, but the life that lies ahead.
I try to create designs that emphasize playfulness and joy that make everyday life more exciting.



KILLYEDNA Hanako Takahashi

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