Preparing for website and onlinestore renewal!


I'm Hanako, the designer of KILLYEDNA.

We are currently preparing for the renewal of our website and Onlinestore. I will have a meeting with the web staff to shape it.

It's not my specialty, so there are many things I can't keep up with during meetings, and my brain is spinning at full speed!
There is a moment when I don't understand the meaning from the middle of the conversation and I feel fluffy! (crying) I'm desperate to keep up.

We also have a product shoot, and we will shoot after a detailed meeting with the photographer.
What I often do is get so caught up in the shoot that I get between the camera and the model.
I am often warned, "Hanako-san, you're in!" . .

Last year, KILLYEDNA abolished paper catalogs and switched to web catalogs only.

It's only natural, but they keep coming up with things that I never thought of, and I'm keenly aware that "mochi is a mochi shop."
I know what I can do and what I can come up with, so I want to borrow the power of the excellent professionals around me to improve my power!

I am also accumulating wisdom so that I can help someone.

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