Perfect for short hair! hair turban


I'm Hanako, a KILLYEDNA designer.

Even though I was wearing sandals on my bare feet because it was so warm and floaty, it suddenly became cold, and I had to say goodbye to Heat Tech-chan again.
This is the rumored three cold four warm.

I can't stop feeling like spring! It makes me want to wear something spring-like.
The hair turban is a useful item for such occasions.
Just pairing it with a dark colored top will give you a spring feeling♪

Since the thick part can be adjusted like this,
Depending on the mood of the day, you can enjoy various atmospheres by making it thick or twisting it thin.

I can't manage my hair well today, and my gray hair is starting to stand out. . .
If you put it on quickly at any time, it's convenient! is an item

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