Thank you Hikarie for 2 weeks!


Thank you to all the customers who picked up the product and purchased it!
Customers who are not sure which one to choose will happily say, "I'm going to ecute Shinagawa," which will be exhibited next time.
(We will exhibit from 7/24 to 8/6)
We'll be expecting you!

Hajimemashite at the first Hikarie exhibition! There were many customers, and it was fun just to talk.
It was impressive that all the customers chose and purchased "the pattern that suits them".

We received requests from mothers who were expecting a baby in August, saying, "I want a matching hair turban and baby bib."
([Green daria] was purchased as a set!)

A nice lady who is learning tea ceremony said, "I want a large tote with this print", "I want a case to put flowers in".
And so on. . .

When you make a purchase, you will be asked, "Do you know ○○?"
There was also something like "telephone shocking"

Customers who are particularly interested in clutch bags often wear kimonos and have tea.
This is another world I don't know!
They told me what kind of bag they usually carry and when they would like to use a clutch bag.
I want to learn little by little and take it in.

Clutch bags and hair turbans are becoming more and more popular, and when I'm lost, I recommend them, saying, "This is it!"
We have prepared a lot of kinds, so please take a look at "Ecute Shinagawa" from 7/24.
Please feel free to contact me when I am at the shop.

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