Chinese tea is delicious [Seigenchaso]


At the end of the year, my friend opened a Chinese tea specialty store [Seigenchasou] in the neighborhood of Kyrie Atelier.
One more pleasure.

Until now, I had no connection with Chinese tea, but I became a fan!
I can't believe the day will come when I can enjoy Chinese tea so slowly.

Chinese tea starts by warming up that little pot.
After that, warm the cup and fill the pot with tea and fresh hot water.
Then, add hot water many times, and enjoy the richness and change with the first and second brewing (a word I heard for the first time!).

The owner, Kaori-chan, studied in China for two and a half years and was completely fascinated by Chinese tea.
I had the impression that Chinese people were impatient, but she said, "Chinese people are patient."
It seems that he is slowly enjoying Chinese tea.

In the back of the restaurant, there is a mounting studio [Seigen], and the interior of the restaurant has a calm atmosphere.
We also create original designs for mountings (both scrolls and frames) and remake old hanging scrolls.

There are always 5-6 kinds of Chinese tea and baked sweets available, and it's also attractive that the menu changes according to the season!

Please stop by on your way to Asakusa and Skytree! Please drop in at KILLYEDNA~

[Seigenchasou] Seigenchaso
Address: 1-13-2 Azumabashi, Sumida-ku
Phone: 03-5656-5333
Irregular holidays (Please call to confirm)

[map address="1-13-2 Azumabashi, Sumida-ku" width="100%" height="342px" api="AIzaSyCxErTzuQ7MK2T-dMXiH-lOov6JQH93CgI" theme="fashionflat" class="dp-light-border-map " zoom="18" draggable="false" controls="true"]

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