How about using bias tape for making kindergarten and entrance goods?


I'm Hanako, a KILLYEDNA designer.

March is coming soon!

I think there are many people who are busy preparing for admission and admission from April.
While visiting handicraft shops as a hobby,
I saw a woman seriously choosing fabric while looking at the prints distributed at nursery schools and kindergartens,

Just like Shuzo Matsuoka, I'm trying to hold back the feeling of wanting to cheer him on, saying, "Do your best!"

Bias tape orders are increasing at KILLYEDNA.
Popular prints are stripes♪
Just sew the edges together for a cute and easy finish.

It is recommended because it is easy to match with plain colors as well as prints!

At KILLYEDNA, we match it with the print like this♪

This colorful bias tape was actually not commercialized at first.
When I started making baby bibs, there were no cute bias tapes for sale, so I thought, "If you don't have one, I'll make one myself!"
It is one of the items that I have a lot of feelings about, and I received a lot of feedback from people asking, "Where do you sell it?"

I am overwhelmed with emotion when I think that I can help you with your handmade products like this!
I would love to see the items you made.

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