Notice of winter holidays

This is Hanako from [KILLYEDNA] [HANA TOKYO].

Thank you for your continued patronage.
Our physical store and KILLYEDNA Onlinestore will be closed from 12/29 to 1/13.
Orders received during this period will be shipped sequentially after January 15th.

We are looking forward to seeing you at [1/2-14 Kabukiza popup] in the New Year of 2024.
I hope I can share many things with you all and connect with you next year!


The Kabukiza popup from ecute Shinagawa popup in November doesn't feel like New Year's Eve, but it looks back on 2023 a little.

Personally, I have a cycle where I want to quit my job once every eight years, and this happened in August.
My second daughter will be studying abroad for a month, so I decided to take a break.
I stayed in Karuizawa for a long time to renovate the store, which I had not been able to get started on.
In September, I will go to Hong Kong and Niigata. After that, I fell ill for the first time in a few years and took another day off.

I ended up taking two months off and my brain is already refreshed!
My motivation has returned, and from October I suddenly become busy leading up to New Year's Eve.

I want to go somewhere for a long time next summer.


[Kabukiza/Kobikicho Square popup]
Date: 1/2-14
Location: Kabukiza, 2nd basement floor, Kobikicho Square
Business hours: 10:00-18:30 (until 18:00 on 1/9 only)
Product contents: HANATOKYO full lineup, KILYEDN selected accessories

From Kabukiza and Kobikicho Square in the New Year,
We will deliver upcycled products (bags, pouches, clutch bags, obi-tight smartphone straps) from the past to you.
Just like in traditional Japanese performing arts, kimonos and obi are made into new products through a careful process.
The bold bird and pine patterns are fresh and look like Scandinavian design! We look forward to welcoming you in a gorgeous and beautiful "new Japanese style."

Upcycled products that circulate from the past to you.
We transform kimonos and obi into new products through a careful process and deliver them to you.

We have accessories purchased by Hanako Takahashi.
We have selected designs that will make you look beautiful in a variety of situations, including simple, casual, and formal.
The set of elegant earrings and necklace made of 925 silver material is also wonderful.

We will introduce the products we handle on Instagram .
[KILYEDNA・HANA TOKYO] Atelier Shop 1-16-5-2F Azumabashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo (5 minutes walk from Asakusa Station)

You can see KILYEDNA/HANA TOKYO/selected items.
OPEN: Every Friday and Saturday 1-7pm (may be closed due to special events, purchasing, etc.)
Please check the schedule on Instagram .
KILLEDNA Onlinestore is open 24 hours

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