Global Warming Countermeasures [KILLYEDNA] Efforts

I'm Hanako, the designer of KILLYEDNA.

Global warming has been a concern all over the world for a long time, but there is really no waiting, such as the unusually hot summer from the summer of 2018 (according to KILLYEDNA), and the Hokkairo that I haven't used yet in Tokyo this winter (according to my second daughter). ! is.
It's become a problem for each individual, even experts say, "How you spend the next 10 years is the last resort."

I am doing it in my own way in a field that I have been very interested in from the beginning.
With the motto of "doing as little waste as possible", cut and sewn clothes that are no longer needed at home are cut into small pieces and used as rags.
One week's food bulk buying is "Ami shopping basket + wide eco bag (purchased at Supermarket in Malaysia)".
Since before, I was not very good at packing ingredients neatly into that plastic bag, and it was stressful, so after switching to this, I feel refreshed!
Surprisingly, this basket bag is reflected in an old photo (where my daughter is in a stroller and is hanging there), and my daughter is surprisingly long-lasting.

At Helsinki, there is strong support for eliminating the need for plastic bags, and many people came out of the store with a small amount of shopping in hand.
From April 2019, South Korea has banned the use of plastic shopping bags.

KILLYEDNA also wants to avoid using plastic products as much as possible, but it's still not zero.
In Japan, products (baby bibs) that are less than 12 months old must be covered with vinyl to prevent formaldehyde.

Cloth that is no longer needed is replaced with a drawstring bag, etc., and the product is put in and handed over.
The edge of the cloth is also sewn with a rock sewing machine to transform it into a handle for a paper bag!
We do our best to deliver the products to customers in a reusable condition, so that they can use them on a regular basis.
Perhaps, among the studios that use cloth of the same size, there is less waste?

Clothes that we don't need but are still in usable condition are cleaned and donated to the Salvation Army bazaar .
In Melbourne, this Op Shop (Opportunity Shop) initiative is thriving, and there are shops here and there. Thank you for your help during my stay.

Business days Thursday-Saturday 13:00-19:00 (closed for exhibitions)


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