Currently on display at Tokyo Solamachi 5F "Sumidamachidokoro Hokusai Festival"!

東京ソラマチ5F『すみだまち処・北斎まつり 』に出品中です!

How are you all doing?
Perhaps because it was autumn, I was in agony for about two weeks.
I don't usually get frustrated, so I didn't know what to do, so I kept asking people around me.
I myself don't know the cause, why don't I drink "Inochi no Haha"? It ended when it became.
Next time, I will take care of you if you are in agony!

When my head is clear, talk about work.

The [Machidokoro/Hokusai Festival] is currently being held at the Sumida Machidokoro on the 5th floor of Tokyo Solamachi.
KILLYEDNA is exhibiting classic patterned clutch bags and pouches.
twenty one
Kyriedo Clutch, once again, I feel that it does not go well with Japanese clothing.

picture? Want to see more?
twenty two
Hey, it's cool, right?
The person I admired also praised me, saying, "It's cool!" Yatta~!

We still have time, so please come and visit us.

[Machidokoro Hokusai Festival]
Date: November 18th (Friday) to November 30th (Wednesday)
Place: Tokyo Solamachi 5F "Sumidamachidokoro"

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