Kimono clutch bag, preparing for exhibition


I'm Hanako, a KILLYEDNA designer.

Preparations are already underway to exhibit at the gift show next term.
I asked her to put on the yukata when I took the photo last time,
This time , we will ask Kimono stylist Sachie Abe to join us and create a new worldview.
Daisuke Mita directed the leaflets.

The photographer is Miwa Togashi , who has taken care of me many times this year.

In late November, we met for the first time at Sachie ABE's gallery [ RIGHT END ROOM ] and shared our images.

They all came up with ideas that were beyond the scope of my imagination. It was a meeting.
It seems that I can do more than I imagined, and I am already feeling excited every day.

This exhibition is usually for buyers, but this year, the general public can visit us on the 4th day, February 3rd (Sat).

I will do my best to make good things with the Sumida Ward team!

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