[Jimbocho Ichinoichi Ikebukuro] Thank you for 4 days!

It was a series of special events, so I went to Disneyland to refresh. What a walk!

Following [Yokohama Sogo],
nice to meet you! Thank you very much for [Jimbocho Ichinoichi Ikebukuro store].

Many of our customers were new to KILLYEDNA, and it was a very meaningful four days.
"Ichi no Ichi" + cafe is also attached to Sanseido Shoten, and the exhibition is held in a very comfortable space.
It was fun to have a slow talk with the customer ~.

There was also a customer who bought it after seeing the staff's Twitter at [Jimbocho Ichinoichi Ikebukuro].
Thank you very much for your consideration of the staff!

We are waiting for you at KILLYEDNA's atelier shop this time~♪

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