[Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store] Notice of exhibition postponement


I'm Hanako, the designer of KILLYEDNA.

We were scheduled to exhibit at [Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store] from March 6th to 14th, but it was postponed to April 1st to 7th due to the coronavirus.

Since the second half of last week, the situation has changed rapidly, and the Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store has also shortened its opening hours.
After many discussions with the person in charge, we were able to adjust the postponement schedule, so I will report it.

KILLYEDNA also took measures such as having staff with children not come to work, but I think it was good that it was postponed.

Everyone who was looking forward to this week's exhibition, please wait for a while until April 1st!
We have more time to prepare, so we will power up and prepare items that will please many women!

I think people all over the world want it.
I hope this situation will converge soon.

・3/29 Sumidagawa Marche 2020 Spring Fukagawa Kiyosubashi ・4/1-7 [Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store] 2F next to central cash register

1-16-5-2F Azumabashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo (5-minute walk from Asakusa Station on the Ginza Line)
Business days Thursday-Saturday 13:00-19:00 (closed for exhibitions)

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