Restaurants are really tough!

I'm Hanako, a KILLYEDNA designer.

Yesterday, I took a temporary break and went to CITAN in Higashi-nihonbashi with the help of the famous shop [SPICECAFE] in Sumida Ward.
I stayed at the guest house for one night.
For the first time in my life, I stayed in a dormitory.
It takes about 20 minutes from KILLYEDNA's atelier to CITAN, but I can't stop being excited because of the effect of my backpack!

When I arrived at the site, I greeted the staff of SPICECAFE and CITAN and started preparations!
Under the instructions of Chef Ito and SPICECAFE staff Mr. Matsushita, everyone started preparing quickly,
More and more customers are gathering and the production is finally starting!

It was my first time helping out at a full-fledged restaurant, and I really understood the meaning of "the kitchen is the battlefield."
Regardless of whether I am the help or not, the person in charge is decided, and the post changes according to the situation.
I was so focused and it felt good.

It uses the same body as me, but it's very stimulating because it uses a different brain than the usual KILLYEDNA work.
It was refreshing.

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