Until 4/10. Fuji TV "Experience! Sustaina WAVE”.


This is Hanako from [KILLYEDNA] and [HANA TOKYO].

Oh my God!
Fuji TV "Experience! The photo was taken with Sustaina WAVE .
You can see it until 4/10.

Announcer Satoshi Miyazawa is experiencing mini bag production at the atelier.
I would appreciate it if you could convey the fun of sewing machines and upcycling even a little.

I was surprised when I received several inquiries and received an offer saying "I want to get a job"!

Mr. Kadota of Van Aid and all the staff who spoke to us this time.
Thank you very much for this precious opportunity.


[KILLYEDNA tokyo] Atelier shop 1-16-5-2F, Azumabashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo (5-minute walk from Asakusa Station)
Phone: 03-5637-8608
You can see KILLYEDNA/HANA TOKYO/selected items.
OPEN: Every Friday and Saturday 1-7pm
Closed during the event period. We will inform you of the schedule on Instagram .
KILLYEDNA Onlinestore is open 24 hours.




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