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Until now, KILLYEDNA has had a lot of POP lines, but this spring, we will deliver a much more subdued "Japanese line".

A few years ago, I started to become interested in the taste of "Wa".
Harumi, an artist who also owns an antique shop, took me to the Mashiko Pottery Market.
Originally, she liked kimonos and Japanese antiques and thought they were cool and cool, but it was all new to her.
I was stunned, thinking, "I can't believe there is such a world!"
The day trip with four of my female friends was a first-time experience, and it was really fun! !
(Until then, I was not good at gatherings of girls...)
From there, he invited me to various places such as an antique furniture store in Tochigi, and I became more and more interested.
I am so grateful to Harumi-chan for teaching me about a world I didn't know!

I had a consultation with the selection of cloth this time.

She has a very nice gallery called "Uradana", which is a refurbished old private house built more than 90 years ago in Kyojima, Sumida Ward.
It seems that it can also be used as a rental space.
It is also a popular space for product shooting, movie shooting, and art exhibition space.

Exhibition at Mukaishima 39 Art. It was so nice

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Will customers who have purchased KILLYEDNA products be confused? I am worried about
Like I was, I'm interested in "Wa", but I wondered "What should I start with...?"
We will continue to introduce items that can be used everyday so that they can be the "entrance to the Japanese world".

Hope you like it! ! !

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