[Queer eye] I love you!

【Queer eye -クイアアイ-】大好き!

This is Hanako from KILLYEDNA.

During the self-restraint period, many people may have used video distribution services such as Netflix.
My second daughter was completely immersed in the course of "Crash Landing on You" from the much-talked-about "Itaewon Class ".
Unfortunately, I haven't experienced it yet, and I'd like to enjoy it in Korean, so it's going to be a little longer.
Netflix is ​​often dubbed in Japanese because I often watch it while working, but if I watch it later in English, I can enjoy it twice.
It's also fun to exchange recommendations with your friends, such as "What are you watching?"

My recommendation is [Queer eye].
It is a reality program in which five hair, makeup and interior specialists change people with various problems.
There are many fans in Japan, so you can find out more on the internet. I just finished watching season 5. . .

This time, the trimmer woman in episode 2 was impressive. Will it come to a woman who is thinking about marriage from now on?
The women in episode 1 of [Queer Eye in Japan] shot in Japan were also impressive. Also come here!

Last fall, I started watching Netflix while traveling around the world, and I was totally hooked on Queer eye.
I recommend it to people around me, and enjoy “queer eye talk” with my friends.
After watching this program, I once again realized how important it is that the room is comfortable.
I bought a sofa that I gave up because it would make the room smaller, and I am redecorating the room little by little.

Season 5 will be set in Philadelphia, while Season 6 will be set in Austin, Texas.
Too much fun! !

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Webstore is up and running. The atelier shop (real store) will be closed for a while due to renovation.

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