BABYBIB [White bear]

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◆ There is also a matching hair turban

The front side is cotton, the back side is pile fabric, and the inside is made of 3 sheets with nylon sandwiched between them, and the original bias tape is used. It is thin and does not easily soak in water, and it solves problems such as "I have a lot of drooling and change clothes many times a day" and "Milk spills and my clothes get wet quickly".

If you tie the side straps on your back, the bib will not flip back, making it a perfect bib for active babies.

There are many variations such as boys'patterns, girls' patterns, and different colors, and you can enjoy coordination with simple clothes. We will ship it in a box (7.2 x 10.5 x 7 cm) as a measure against Holmardecht.

[Size] Approximately 20 cm x 33 cm (flat measurement), side string part approximately 38 cm
[Material] Outer material: 100% cotton / Lining: Pile / Bias tape: Cotton
[Recommended age] 0 to 2 years old < br> [Country of origin] Japan

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