BABYBIB [Blueberry]

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[ There is also a matching hair turban]

The front side is cotton, the back side is pile fabric, and nylon is sandwiched inside. It has a three-sheet structure and is organized with the original bias tape. It is thin and does not easily soak in water, and it solves problems such as "I have a lot of drooling and change clothes many times a day" and "Milk spills and my clothes get wet quickly".

If you tie the side straps on your back, the bib will not flip back, making it a perfect bib for active babies.

There are many variations such as boys'patterns, girls' patterns, and different colors, and you can enjoy coordination with simple clothes. We will ship it in a box (7.2 x 10.5 x 7 cm) as a measure against Holmardecht.

[Size] Approx. 20 cm x 33 cm (flat measurement), side string part Approx. 38 cm
[Material] Outer material: 100% cotton / Lining: Pile / Bias tape: Cotton
[Recommended age ] 0 ~ 2 years old
[Country of origin] Japan

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