happy New Year.


I'm Hanako, a KILLYEDNA designer.
Happy new year. I hope to meet many of you through KILLYEDNA in 2018.

I like this feeling that the normal work has finally started and the daily life is returning little by little.
It seems that the liquid soaks into the paper.

Did you all relax during winter break?
On December 31st, I had a large-scale photoshoot, more on that later♪
So, I went to Korea with my second daughter from the beginning of the year. (The image above is a furniture store on Antique Street)
This is my third year in South Korea, but this year was the coldest and crazy!
There were overwhelmingly more people wearing long down jackets than those wearing cute coats.

This time it was 3 nights and 4 days, so I stayed at a cheap hotel in Itaewon .
My second daughter and I have different interests, so since last year we have rented two wifi devices and started to act separately during the day.

I'm usually busy every day, so the trip twice a year is a precious opportunity to spend time with my girlfriend.
By the way, my eldest daughter, who has a strong sense of independence, stopped traveling overseas as soon as she entered the first year of junior high school.
I want to get away from my parents and love them.

Reliable for the second daughter in middle school ~! I am impressed, and I think that I am still spoiled.
The feeling of going back and forth between adults and children peculiar to teenagers.
When it became a common topic, I was told many times, “Do you know 〇〇? . .

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