Snow in Tokyo! It's hard to pick up a child


I'm Hanako, a KILLYEDNA designer.
It snowed heavily in Tokyo yesterday, and I finished work earlier than usual and went home.
In the news, I should have left the company early, but from now on, it is reported that entrance is restricted at the station,
At times like this, it reminds me of the time when my daughters went to nursery school.
I wonder if everyone who is picking up right now is in a hurry to make it in time.

Now my daughters are grown up, but this time I have nursing care.
I think there are many people in my generation (40s) who will start nursing care, and my family is one of them.
My grandmother (my husband's mother) has a set time to come home from the dinner service, so my husband, who comes home early, doesn't seem to be able to make it in time.
I think this "being able to divide the work" was a key point when I was raising my children.
Luckily, my husband and I live close to each other, so we weren't able to visit on weekdays, but on weekends, we were very well taken care of.
My second daughter (middle school 2nd year) is still working hard for a week looking forward to relaxing at my parents' home on the weekends.
When I think that my daughter is not alone on weekends, I can work without feeling guilty, and I am truly grateful for my parents.
When my husband's mother was well, she was really good to me, and now I think it's time to repay her.

Each person has a different type of family, and the people around me are also diverse.
I feel that it is important to have an “environment where you are not isolated” for both child-rearing and nursing care.

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