I took a picture of [Kimono Clutch]


I took pictures of velor clutches and kimono clutches in the clear autumn weather.

Perfect preparation! Even though it was supposed to be, there was a bad accident that ``I forgot my fully charged smartphone at home because I was too enthusiastic.''
A little disappointed. . . However, I picked myself up and went to shoot.

This time the model is my friend Ryoko Monster .

She is very cute and is active as a musician and model.

And the photo was taken by Miwa Togashi of " Dashi Photo ".
I was shooting hard with a backpack full of heavy equipment (I can't help but feel stiff shoulders~!)

More than I imagined! I'm so glad I asked Miwa-chan to take such pictures!
Every time I checked the photos I took on the spot, my heart beat again and again. Jalan♬

After the shooting is over, you can see the luxurious kimono clutch 📷

So much fun going up! ! , I want everyone to see it soon.

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