[Kimono clutch] Pre-sale at the atelier


I'm Hanako, a KILLYEDNA designer.
It suddenly got cold, so I hurriedly went to the dry cleaners to pick up a Monclay down jacket. (my husband)
There are more and more people around me who are getting sick, but how are you all feeling?
I almost never get sick, so I received a compliment (?) from the staff saying, "You really don't get sick...".

Well now, the [Kimono Clutch Bag] that has been in the planning for a few years is finally available for sale!

Since I made a wooden clasp clutch bag three years ago, I've been fantasizing that I want to use a clutch bag made of kimono and obi to match my clothes.

I wanted to make a clutch (or other item) that I had never seen before, but it didn't go as planned.
I tried to make it over and over again, but I wasn't convinced.

Usually, a clutch bag is made by putting a pattern on the cloth and cutting it.
Kimonos and obis weren't wide enough, so the biggest challenge was figuring out what to do with them.
I wonder if I should give up on the plump design and make a different item. . .
When I found my way, I finally saw the light and the harp of my heart rang. Polo Lone♬

When I unwrapped the kimono, I was surprised that the edges of the cloth were not cut!
In the case of dressmaking, the seam allowance is added to the shape you want to make and then it is cut.
We will adjust.
Everything else is hand sewn! Of course, it is still hand-stitched at kimono tailors.
All the cutting and sewing methods are different.
At the vocational school I went to more than 20 years ago, there were separate departments for dressmaking and Japanese dressmaking, but I finally understood the meaning.
Was it because of this?! I agree for the first time in 20 years.
I feel like sneaking into the Japanese dressmaking class and studying from now on.

The obi is embroidered so that the pattern is placed on the stomach and the drum (the conspicuous part of the back).
The bolder the patterned obi, the fewer parts that can be used as a clutch bag, which is also difficult.
Both the kimono and obi take twice as long as the usual clutch.
Still, when it's finished, it's so wonderful that you forget about it.

Even if they are made from the same kimono and obi, the pattern will be different, so all of them are one-of-a-kind premium line, 22,000 yen (excluding tax).
First of all, it will be sold at KILLYEDNA Atelier.

Detailed images such as how the pattern comes out will be uploaded to Instagram @killyedna .
If you would like to ship to a distant place, please contact us using the inquiry form .

It is already available at "Asakusa Long-established Kimono Footwear Tsujiya Main Store" .
I will be participating in the event starting from 12/1.
I'm looking forward to seeing the artist who makes Kanzashi, an item I've been interested in lately!

Details of the event at "Asakusa Long-established Kimono Footwear Tsujiya Main Store" will be announced later.

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