12/30~1/5, Notice of winter holidays


We will be closed for winter holidays from 12/30 (Mon) to 1/5 (Sun).
Orders received during this period will be shipped after 1/6 . Thank you.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your continued patronage of KILLYEDNA this year and the opportunity to meet so many of you.

There was a time when we both cried while talking to a customer at the sales floor.

This year was a fruitful year in which I traveled to many places, both domestically and internationally, and experienced new things.
I would like to share more and more with everyone, and I hope that those who are raising children or nursing care, and those who think that "long-term travel is still far away" can enjoy it, so please look forward to it!
When I was raising my children, I was excited to see everyone's travelogues and imagined, "I want to go to ○○ someday."

I will not go abroad this winter vacation, and will spend my time cleaning up my atelier little by little.
Please relax and have a good time.

KILLYEDNA Hanako Takahashi

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