8/12~18, Notice of Summer Holidays


We will be closed for summer holidays from 8/12 (Mon) to 18 (Sun).

[KILLYEDNA tokyo] and [ KILLYEDNA Onlinestore ] will be closed for exhibition at Ecute Omiya from 8/19 to 9/1.
Orders received during this period will be shipped after 9/2 . Thank you.

The girls seem to be enjoying their respective summers, going to Koshien to support them and playing with their friends.
It's true that "parenting gets easier when you grow up"! Don't worry if you're in the middle of raising a child right now and you're tired♪

My staff and I are preparing for [Ecute Omiya] starting on August 19th.
It's hot and I can't concentrate, but I'm pushing forward without overdoing it. I'm sure I'm old too.

Summer in Japan (or around the world) has become quite hot and has changed from before.
High school baseball player, member of society, student.
I'm sure everyone feels that "same as before" is unreasonable. I hope it changes the way the world works.

・8/19-9/1 Ecute Omiya
・10/4, 5 The Superwood Festival (Finland)
・10/30-11/5 Nagoya Matsuzakaya 5F
・December Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store 2F In front of the central escalator

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