6/26~31, notice of temporary closure


[KILLYEDNA tokyo] and [ KILLYEDNA Onlinestore ] will be temporarily closed from June 26th (Wednesday) to 31st (Sunday) due to overseas business trips.
Orders received during this period will be shipped after 7/1. Thank you.

POPUP will continue from next month.
◆7/17~23 Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store 2F In front of the central escalator
◆8/19~9/1 Ecute Omiya
◆ 10/4, 5 overseas exhibition (Finland)
◆10/30~11/5 Nagoya Matsuzakaya 5F

Finally, you can get your hands on the new clutch bag! When I think about it, I get so excited that I can't sleep! !
. . . There are days, but when I reach my late 40s, my concentration doesn't last long, and when it's time, I turn off the sewing machine and go home.
This is definitely more efficient.

Recently, I realize that not only thinking but also the way of working changes depending on age.
People around me want to enjoy not only work but also OFF! There are many people.
Last week, I took advantage of the SPICECAFE team in Oshiage and went to Niigata's Kabudochi and Tsubame Coffee .
It was already a dreamy two days. More on that story later on♪

Let's go!

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