I look forward to working with you in 2017!

It's been a month in 2017, how are you all doing?
The flu is spreading around me, and I'm a little scared, but I'm fine for now.
At the beginning of my work this year, I went to purchase overseas.
Unlike Japan, overseas procurement is not a place where you can immediately come and say, "I forgot to buy that."
It takes a lot of concentration.
It feels so good!
I hope you can see it in early spring ~.
Normally, January is the time when we are busy preparing for the exhibition, but this year, we are taking time off to think about our future policy.
For this year's KILLYEDNA, we would like to produce with the theme of "Japanese cloth".
At last year's events, etc., I found that there was a lot of interest from customers, and I would like to learn more and tell you more about it.
I would like to suggest antique kimonos as well. I want to get an antique dealer too.
This year, we will continue to make even more "careful product creation".
We are looking forward to talking with customers who came to visit our store.
Hope to see many of you again this year!
Thank you for your continued support of KILLYEDNA this year.
Let's climb over Mt.Fuji! I wonder if there's something good♪

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