4/17 (Tue) Temporarily closed


I'm Hanako, a KILLYEDNA designer.

We will be temporarily closed tomorrow, April 17th (Tuesday), and we will go to help here!

[Spoonful of April ~Spoonful of April~]

On the night of April 17th, we will deliver a one-night-only spring dinner at CITAN Dining.

We invite you as a guest to "Catering Unit Sanzui", which consists of a spice restaurant, a cafe, and a designer.

At the event, we will prepare about 10 items a la carte, such as biryani cooked in a large pot from the spice restaurant “Spice Cafe” and the popular rare cheesecake from “Higashi Mukojima Coffee Shop”.

Please enjoy the taste of April with spring-themed dishes, alcohol and music that can only be tasted on this day.

I will help SPICEAFE, admission is free, so please come and visit =

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