We will exhibit at GREEN MARKET Sumida on 4/8 (Sun.).

4/8(日)GREEN MARKET墨田に出展いたします。

I'm Hanako, a KILLYEDNA designer.
It's urgent, but we will exhibit at GREEN MARKET Sumida on 4/8 (Sun)!
I thought it would be interesting to change the content that is usually exhibited at department stores, etc.
The theme this time is [KILLY'S CLOSET].
It is an image of showing off KILLYEDNA's room and wardrobe to everyone.

You can use the cloth you have saved for a long time as a cut cloth, buy the tableware, accessories,
I will also put out cute baby/kids clothes that I used to make.
When I had my daughters, cute clothes were too expensive, so I started making my own. It looks cute even now! !

At home, I wore a normal romper and diapers, and when I went out, I only put on pants, so it was easy to change clothes even when I was sleeping.

Check out @killyedna for product details.

Since it is a rare opportunity, we will exhibit various other items!
I can't usually show it off, so please take this opportunity to see it♪

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